West Coast Umpires Association

Who We Are

WCUA is a unique baseball umpire assigning association comprised of top-flight high school varsity level or higher seasoned umpires, each with at least 15 years or more experience umpiring baseball at every level. All WCUA umpires are paid game fees same day as the game they work.

Our umpires have been selected as WCUA umpires not only for their excellent mechanics on the field, but more importantly, for their superior game management skills.

Our umpires are not out on the field to "trouble-trouble", but rather to facilitate the participants in each game to play the game of baseball according to the rules of baseball and make the necessary calls in a professional and discrete manner.

WCUA umpires are not only very approachable by coaches regarding all calls they may make, (except judgment calls, which are not negotiable in baseball), all are very knowledgeable of the rule books at every level.

Your organization will be well served by selecting to use WCUA top-flight umpires to work your games. By negotiating our WCUA web site, you will be able to see your scheduled games AND the umpires assigned to your games in real time.

If you have varsity level or higher experience and are interested in becoming a WCUA umpire, click here.

If your league or organization is interested in using WCUA umpires to provide for your umpiring needs, click here.